ChatGPT-powered AI tutor

ChatGPT-powered AI Tutors will be at Schools soon in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates has been following and investing in technology in recent years. The whole world knows that the country would like to expand its investments and lead the world. We appreciate the country’s efforts and support them. UAE proved that they will keep following technological improvements and announced that they will introduce ChatGPT-powered AI tutors soon. It is better to mention at the outset that they do not aim to replace their current educators with AI tutors. Their aim is to bring information to their citizens and utilize what technology offers. They wish to make progress in their education system with ChatGPT-powered AI tutors.

The Minister of Education, Ahmed Balhoul Al Falasi

The Minister of Education, Ahmed Balhoul Al Falasi, made the announcement of ChatGPT-powered AI tutors. He mentioned that his team and government would like to level up their education level and cooperate with technology. During his announcement, the minister specifically stated that the current teachers will work with AI tutors side-by-side and try to improve education quality.




ChatGPT-powered AI Tutors for Education

As you may guess, there are many speculations about this idea. Because of this, some people are against AI technology in education. For example, some people think that ChatGPT is actually a cheating system that does not help people improve themselves. But of course, the majority of the world supports this idea and thinks this is a good example of technological adaptation.


a child with robot

Andy Kelly

As you know, ChatGPT has many capabilities, such as writing essays, creating audio, programming, etc. So, the right integration of ChatGPT-powered AI tutors is vital to the success of this project. Unlike some educators who ban this technology, UAE’s Minister of Education thinks the opposite. Although it is said that AI tutors will be at schools soon, the minister has not shared further details about the project. We will keep you informed about the integration process.


ChatGPT-powered AI tutor


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