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Maldives Floating City

Maldives Floating City: The First-of-its-Kind and Fully Government-Supported City Project

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Have you ever checked the lifestyles of local people who live in archipelagic states? Across the world, there are 22 island states. The Maldives is one of them. The local communities revolve around the water. because the country has some 1200 islands in it. Therefore, the locals have to shape their lives according to the current conditions. The Government of the Maldives collaborated with Waterstudio.NL and Dutch Docklands and revealed a project called Maldives Floating City. This city project supports the current lifestyle of the Maldivians.


The project is currently the first-of-its-kind offering a new perspective on modern, sustainable living in the Indian Ocean. The government has been progressing with the project with the companies for over a decade. The Maldives Floating City will contain thousands of residences in a 200-hectare lagoon.


According to the announcements made by the government and the studios, the Maldives Floating City will provide Maldivians with a return to the water through eco-friendly city planning. The city will have a nature-based structure of water canals and roads that resembles real coral. Choosing brain coral as a central design is not a coincidence. The designers would like to emphasize the responsibility of the Maldives, which is the leading coral protector in the world.

Some Benchmarks of the Maldives Floating City

The Maldives Floating City is the first floating city with full government support.


The city will help the locals keep their current water-based lifestyle.


The designers thought about the rise of sea levels in the near future and designed the Maldives Floating City accordingly. Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of the rise of the water due to reasons beyond our control.


It will take only 10 minutes to reach the city center or airport.


The city uses groundbreaking sustainable technologies and ecological practices to protect and enhance the marine ecosystem.


The city is unique in terms of its structure. For example, the city has both an above- and below-water surface, which creates blue habitats that stimulate and project coral growth.


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