Circle Packed Wall by SOFTlab


When in search for a designing solution in your apartment, you might like this suggestion we found with SOFTlab. These guys designed a creative space for a company that is designing products. Of course this might seem to you a little too much, but keep in mind that what you actually need from these pictures is only to get inspired from them. Therefore, if you have this big empty wall in your loft, this might be a solution for it: make shelves into paper tubes. Indeed, you can pack your wall with paper tubes of various dimensions. This will give your wall an interesting contemporary yet modern look to your crib. Also, for separating some areas in your loft, or just dividing a room you can use a flexible felt wall system. This ideas can fit any type of house since they are minimal and use simple clean lines, these will also bring a modern urban feeling to your space.

Via: behance