Cloud Shaped Couch


Do you remember what it was like when we were kids and dreamed of how nice it would be to be able to walk on clouds? Now that we have grown, we still have sometimes this desire, and we also have something new: the opportunity to fulfill this dream. In fact, better: we can even rest on a cloud! The CIRRUS sofa, in a cloud shape, is the ideal choice for those who love reverie and relaxation. Created by Lubo Majer and produced by DIZAJNO, it is a piece of furniture very modern, versatile, comfortable and perfect for a contemporan home. Just like clouds have various shapes and sizes, the same way Cirrus Sofa makes it possible for you to choose your sofas size and shape, which you can mix with a coffee table from the same fabrics. With such furniture, it’s no wonder you’ve got to live in the dream home you’ve desired since childhood. This furniture is also suitable in environments where a room is needed for inspiration and meant to help you be more productive.
The furniture can be ordered from the manufacturer’s online shop. Depending on size, the price of a sofa starts at €1,554 and the coffee tables price starts at €552