Clubhouse Wood Bed


What if you could make one of your child’s dreams a reality, what will you do? Of course, sacrifice anything to make him happy, that’s what any parent would say. It is every child’s dream to have a little place where they can play and sleep at the same time without the world bothering them. Making this special place for your child is something he’ll always be grateful to you for.

As parents, we’ve always wanted to make our children happy at any cost, and we’ll sacrifice anything just to see that pretty smile on their faces. But in most cases, resources are always against us. We see beautiful things we desire for our children, but our budgets are not always ready for it. But, things need not be this way. Sometimes, the smallest things are what our children appreciate the most. Unlike adults, children don’t care about the price tag of a gift. If it can make them happy, they are contented with it.

Jaime, the owner of ‘ That’s My Letter,’ with help from Ana White encreated something that will make every child happy. They built an amazing Clubhouse Wood Bed for the kids. When I saw the twin-sized sitting on an open playground in the kids’room, I was really impressed and determined to build something like it for my kids. I think this cozy bed is something every DIYer out there with kids should try out. It gives the children a comfortable sleeping place without interfering with their play space in the room.

There are lots of beautiful ways you can spice up your kids sleeping rooms like making a Fire TruckBed or the Tractor BunkBed, but we’ve never seen one as amazing as this cozy twin-sized sleeping place for your kids. This project doesn’t cost much, so there’s no excuse for you not to make your child happy this time around.

What you need:

Tools: Drill, Measuring tape, Hammer

Supplies/ingredients: Wood and glue, Screws

We love to give you the step by step guide on how to make this cozy sleeping place for your kids, but Ana White has pretty much-covered everything on her Ana White blog with pictures to make everything easier. So if you want to get busy, you can head there right now.