The Collingwood Shepherd Hut

Collingwood Shepherd Hut that looks as if it would make the great workspace for those who want to tun away from it all.

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut is designed by  a team of German designers  called Gute who have united their diverse skillsets to craft a authentically striking and all-duty open-air space which, we all can agree, looks all manner of extremely impressive. Every Shepherd Hut from Gute is aim built for you from the ground up and the design team are  happy to listen to your demands and will craft the kind of space that you’re after using their years of design skills.

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut model measures 7.5′ wide and 15′ 6″ long from start to end so there will be plentiful of place to set whatever you see conform such as a home-office setup. Have a look  few shots of the Collingwood Shepherd Hut below;

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