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Cottage Terrace Models

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When we spend time outdoors, we always come to the gardens and parks. When we say park and garden, we always have long summer nights. But if we want to spend time in our homes and enjoy such environments, we can produce some alternatives.


So what are these alternatives? Answer: Cottage Terraces!


Yeah. Right from the house we all have a terrace or at least one balcony. If you’re lucky, you can be one of those who have gardens, so there are more alternatives for creating a summer garden.

What is a Cottage Terrace?



Especially in Europe, almost every house has a garden. In Northern Europe, due to the cold weather conditions, the garden can be enjoyed by people making their balconies and gardens into winter gardens. In this sense, especially in warm climates, the summer terrace will be more of an alternative. The cold days of the winter are replaced by the warm winds of spring, and then in the summer when the scorching heat comes, the most popular parts of the house are terraces and balconies. On long and warm summer evenings, we can chat with our family and loved ones, drink our coffee and read our books, and create an environment to play with our children. You can transform your terraces and balconies into summer terraces and enjoy this pleasure.

How to create a summer terrace?



Terrace decoration models also change over time, like all the other arms of fashion. Whether you have a large balcony or a small one, it does not matter; priority is given to flowers and plants. It is nice and wooden furniture and a swing are important.


Which objects are used?


Another decorating product in modern terrace decorations is candles. In the terrace and balcony lighting, especially in the night lighting, the candles give a soft, deep light. Such lights create a soft atmosphere in the environment no matter what decoration. There are also extinguishing candles that can be burned in windshield areas, like old candles. You can improve the effect by positioning these large candles as close as possible to each other.








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