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The Create Real Magic Artificial Intelligence Platform by Coca-Cola is Ready to Be Experimented

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Technology develops really fast. Engineers and companies have been working on artificial intelligence, and we, as consumers, have been watching them. In November 2022, we met ChatGPT. About 2 days ago, Coca-Cola published a press release about their new platform, Create Real Magic. You can use this platform to generate unique artwork with assets belonging to the Coca-Cola Archives. OpenAI and Bain & Company cooperatively built the Create Real Magic platform, which is the first of its kind. The platform can combine the capabilities of GPT-4 and DALL-E.

photoshopped cat


Create Real Magic is not available in every country. Fans in the USA, Australia, and selected countries in Europe can visit the website and create their artwork. From today to March 31, users will get access to dozens of branded items such as the Coca-Cola contour bottle, Coke’s advertising archives, the Spencerian script logo, etc. These items will be available as a canvas for AI-powered creativity and experimentation.


Coca-Cola original bottle

Create Real Magic Contest and Academy

We have not finished our good news! The artists who use the Creative Real Magic platform can download their art. Later, they can submit their artwork for the Create Real Magic contest, which will create an opportunity for artists to see their artwork on Coca-Cola’s digital billboards in London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s Time Square.


Coca-Cola bottle


Even though the Create Real Magic platform became available just two days ago, artists such as Chris Branch, Emma Sofija, Ean Hwa Huag, and Paul Parsons kicked off the campaign. And they started creating their artwork using Coca-Cola assets. The company planned a summer academy called the Real Magic Creative Academy. The aim of this academy is to select 30 creators and co-create content that Coca-Cola can use for licensed merchandising. We would like to mention that the company will credit the participants for their work.

some artwork generated on Create Real Magic

Coca Cola bottles with hearts

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