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How To Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors

Who does not want a luxury home? Luxury flooring can be really expensive, but what if you can create it all by yourself at home. Yes, you can very simply create your epoxy flooring without spending a ton of money. Epoxy floors can be a very good change from marble floors, and the effect can be achieved by the covering the floor with a 2mm layer of epoxy. The trick is to manipulate the material in such a way that it looks like marble.

You can customize the color of the floor by staining it, and give it a nice glossy coating as well, so that looks shiny and attractive. It does require a little bit of hard work and the required materials, but it can very easily be recreated at home, giving the home a posh, brand new look which will definitely amaze the guests. Channel the designer in you and get going right away.