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Customized School Buses to Replace Your Traditional Vacation Hotel and Workplace

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A company named Mybushotel has been renovating old school buses since 2017. They have been turning them into modern tiny living quarters. Equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a regular-size building apartment. Such as electricity, wifi, hot water, solar panels, a full-fledged kitchen and so much more.
As we go through difficult times where being with strangers has become a source of anxiety rather than excitement, these customized school buses might be what you need to explore the world in ways you haven’t imagined before. According to the company, they are “bringing the old school buses back to life”. Giving them soul and character that fit right into your expectations of an ideal vacation hotel, home, or even workplace environment. These post-modernist living arrangements attract people who are fed up with unnecessarily big apartment units, those who prefer to have a minimalist lifestyle, and those travel addicts who spend most of their time on the open road. If you are an interested buyer who is looking for alternative ways to spend your time, make sure to talk to this team about your interests and expectations, these school buses might bring you closer to your dreams.

Follow mybushotel on IG if you are interested in how life on wheels looks like.

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