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Decorating with Mirrors: How to Use Mirrors as Decorative Elements

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Mirrors are perfect for decoration. If you have ever checked out decoration ideas, we are sure that you have come across mirror suggestions at least once. Mirrors are not only elegant but also helpful. Decorating with mirrors will help you create a fresh home full of natural light. Because mirrors can reflect light and make your room look bigger. But there are some steps that you should follow to succeed in decorating with mirrors. We have some ideas that will be helpful for you.

decorating with mirrors

Guide for Decorating With Mirrors


Mirrors in small spaces

Everyone admits that a mirror hung on the wall makes the room feel bigger. If you have a small room, you can start decorating with mirrors that are big. But be sure that the frame is small. Secondly, you should be sure that the mirror is at eye level. For small spaces, you can pair your mirror with a light. Besides all that, if you want to create a room with a funnel effect, you can try mirroring the whole wall.

small living room


Mirrors opposite the windows

Decorating with mirrors is one of the cheapest ways to create the perfect atmosphere. But positioning the mirror in the right corner is the key step. In order to increase natural light in your room, you should place the mirror opposite the windows.

mirror opposite window


Mirrored tile in the kitchen

Decorating with mirrors is not limited to the living room or bedroom. You can add mirrors to the tiles to make your kitchen bright. But if you do not like the idea of mirrored tiles, you can decorate your kitchen cabinets with mirrors as well. You will see that mirrors will create both a bigger and more modern space for you.


Mirrored Furniture

Another idea for decorating with mirrors is mirrored furniture. If you do not have space to hang a mirror, you can try the furniture with mirrors. You can choose cabinets, drawers, or makeup tables with mirrors. But many people hesitate to buy mirrored furniture as it will take some time to clean. But be sure that there are easy ways to keep mirrors clean.


Headboard ideas with mirrors

Headboards are generally made of wood or soft fabric. But there are traditional ones. If you are looking for more modern solutions and want to make your small bedroom look bigger, you can think of buying a mirrored headboard. You will see how mirrors will be helpful for you.

decorating with mirrors



Accessories with mirrors

Decorating with mirrors has many options, like furniture, walls, cabinets, and many more. But have you considered buying mirrored accessories? For example, a mirrored tray will reflect so much light and create contrast. Besides all that, it is the easiest way to give up if you do not like it.


Mirrors with Victorian look

The Victorian era still impacts our daily lives. Although there are many people criticizing the furniture and accessories reflecting this era, a great many people are fond of these fancy items. For example, if you have a medium-sized or larger room, you can consider hanging a giant mirror with vintage or Victorian motifs. These motifs will create an elegant atmosphere.


Alcoves with mirrors

Every room has columns and, thus, alcoves. It is very common to decorate these alcoves with books and shelves. But you may try decorating with mirrors. You can choose giant mirrors that will fit from floor to ceiling. You will be surprised at how big and bright your room will look.

alvoces decorated with mirror


Mirrors between two windows

Decorating with mirrors is really fun. Because you are not limited to certain rules. For example, if you have two windows separated by a column, you can hang a mirror. This will create a sophisticated environment for you. The style of the mirrors is up to you. If you have vintage-style furniture, you can check out mirrors with a more classic look.


mirrors between two windows


Mirror as accessories

We have talked about giant mirrors that will reflect light and make your room bigger. But you can choose small, decorative mirrors that will create a cozy atmosphere. These mirrors should have their own styles, just like frames or paintings. Be sure that you will create an accent wall with your mirror.


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