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Small bedroom ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas: Make Your Room Look Bigger in 11 Steps

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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. It means our beds and bedrooms are very important to us. We need to feel relaxed, comfortable and organized in our bedroom. Although we always dream of huge bedrooms to make our hidden heaven, sometimes we do not have that chance. Therefore, in order to create our little heaven, we should check out some of the small bedroom ideas. While decorating a small bedroom, you should focus on functionality and comfort. Today, we will create a decluttered and cozy bedroom together. Let us follow the steps below right now!


Small bedroom ideas


If you have a small bedroom, you will need to have well-organized storage areas. The perfect storage areas, like shelves and closets, are the hidden ones for you. Because hidden storage areas will keep you organized and make your room look bigger,


Storage areas in bedroom

Make use of every corner

The most important step in developing small bedroom ideas is to make use of every corner of the room. You have a small bedroom already. Therefore, you need to focus on your needs and find solutions. For example, instead of using floor lamps, you can use a hanging lampshade. You can mount some shelves on the walls as well. Be creative!


Make use of every corner

Some color

Every room should have a focus area. While decorating a small bedroom, you can create a focal point by adding some color or an object. For example, think about what you would like to see first when entering the room. Some people like to focus on the make-up table, where they can show off their favorite accessories. Or, some people would like to focus on going to bed. Therefore, they add color to sheets or bedhead.


Add some color to your small bedroom

Loft bed

Of course, we do not know how small your bedroom is. If you need space both for sleeping and sitting, you can consider having a loft bed. On top, you can create a sleeping area, while under the bed you can put a sofa.


small bedroom ideas: loft bed

Helen Norman

Fitted wardrobes

This is one of the most useful small bedroom ideas. Fitted wardrobes are space savers, especially when they are configurable. These wardrobes can provide floor-to-ceiling storage and wrap-around corners. In addition, you will have the chance to try the most strange and interesting configurations while decorating the small bedroom.

Fitted Wardrobe


Ottoman Bed

We already suggested you create storage areas. Ottoman beds are perfect for storage. Besides, it is under the bed! You can organize your belongings and store them under your bed. For example, during the summer, you can keep your winter clothes and shoes on the bed. And you can do this every season’s change. You can use ottoman beds not only for small bedroom ideas but also for big bedrooms.


Bedside table

A bedside table is really useful to put our phones, books, or glasses on. But some of them occupy great spaces. As you can guess, our small bedroom ideas include miniature and functional items. Therefore, you should choose a small bedside table with drawers or shelves.


Bedside table for decorating small bedroom


Natural Light

Natural light always makes the room look bigger. Therefore, if possible, you should let the light in and enjoy the fresh atmosphere. If you ask about our small bedroom ideas for windows and natural light, we suggest you have brightly colored curtains. Bright colors also make your room look bigger. You can apply natural light and bright curtain rules in every room.


Natural light

Low-profile furniture

Low-profile furniture is a trick among small bedroom ideas. Because the more your furniture’s height is low, the bigger your room will look. Therefore, you should try to choose low-profile furniture, especially bedside tables.


Low profile furniture for small bedroom decoration

Light colors

Not only small bedroom ideas but also house decoration ideas include light and bright colors. For your walls, your bed, and your carpet, you should always choose light colors. Because, as you can already guess, light colors will make your room feel fresh and big. This vital suggestion will help you a lot.


Light colored room


Have you read our home decoration content before? Because we always suggest placing a mirror in your room. Because mirrors reflect the natural light and make your room look bigger. We especially use mirrors for small bedroom decorations. If you do not believe us, you can check interior designers’ ideas as well.  


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