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25+ DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Ideas

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One of the most important traditions of Christmas is to hang stockings by the fireplace. Santa requires small spaces for small gifts such as Christmas stocking holder as he leaves the big ones under the Christmas tree. That is why in western countries there is this tradition that no one can think of a Christmas without stockings.

You will need a fireplace to hang the stockings but how about those who don’t have a fireplace? Where will they hang their stockings? Or what if you are living in a hot country that winters are hotter than summer? In both situations, we have clever solutions and ideas for you. With a few simple types of equipment, you can find in your garage will definitely solve your Christmas stocking holder problem. We have some great ideas both to use as a holder and keep as Christmas decoration.

One simple way to build a holder is wooden pallet. You can paint it and write names on it showing which stocking belongs to who. Or a wooden box can be used both as a holder and decorative planter. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantle don’t freak out! We have an idea for you too. Why not make or buy a regular wall hanger and paint it to Christmas colors. Now you can hang it on the wall along with stockings.

1. Creative Lantern Topped Stocking Holder

2. DIY Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holder

3. DIY Elegant Wood Stocking Hangers

4. DIY Wooden Reindeer Stocking Holders

5. DIY Festive Stocking Hangers

6. DIY Tree Stumps Stocking Hangers

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