DIY Easter Egg Basket


Easter is approaching fast and if you didn’t find a cute Easter basket we will show you how to make one with the help of old newspapers or old paper you don’t use anymore. In order to create this basket, you will need: woven paper or old newspapers, egg tray, scissors, acrylic paint and glue.

Take a sheet of paper like in the pictures (it has to be the size of the egg tray) and start adding some sides to it (this will be the base for starting to do the basket). Roll the paper as you see in the picture and create the model. When you are half done, put the egg tray in the basket and keep rolling. With more paper you will start braiding the sides and don’t forget to let some sides free so you can make the handle. After you have finished it, using also the help of the pictures you can paint the basket in what color you would like. Let the paint dry and now it’s time to fill it with some grass and beautiful Easter eggs.