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DIY Grated Candles

Candles are awesome to have at home as decorations especially when you have guests around. They look perfect in every corner of the house and not only, they are perfect on the table when having a special dinner or when you want to just create a romantic atmosphere. Candles are not very cheap and the ones that looks better are more expensive. Because the cheap ones almost all have a similar look, we found a project for you that will transform ordinary candles in beautiful house decorations.

What you will need:
– champagne glasses or small water glasses;
– different colored cheap candles;
– a grater.

1. Take the candle and grate different colors of wax from the ones you bought, at least 3.
2. Take the champagne glass and position one long candle in it, one that you didn’t grate.
3. Insert the grated wax, color by color until you fill the glass up to the top.
4. If you have a ribbon around you can tie it to the leg of the glass, if not, just take your candle you just made and place it wherever you like!


Photo source: nuage1962.wordpress

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