DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet


The cord bracelets usually remind one of the accessories that you opt for in summer, but there is no reason to limit oneself to these accessories only for the summer season. For those who do not want to invest money in purchasing the hip and fashionable accessories being sold in the market, they can easily make them on their own. If you are looking for a tutorial on creating a cord bracelet here are the steps given. The process of making the cord bracelet is a simple one and if you follow the instructions given below you will surely be able to achieve one in less than half an hour. All you need to get started are your own set of supplies which you will find from the link given and with the details provided, you can simply visit the closest supply retail store and get the raw materials you need to create cord bracelets of different combinations and colors. Once you have been able to achieve it, you are sure to feel good and even be able to share them with your friends. You could offer them the handmade bracelets as gifts or share the tutorial with your friends so that they can try their hand at it too.

DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 1 DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 2 DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 3 DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 4 DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 5 DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet 6

Check out the tutorial on Dans Le Lakehouse.