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DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

We have a very creative project for people who love ingenious ways to decorate and color eggs for Easter. These marbled Easter eggs are very easy to do and your family and guests will surely be surprised by the beauty of them. In order to do this, you will need: boiled or empty eggs , different shades of nail polish, rubber gloves, toothpicks, plastic cups, and ribbons. The first step of the process is to boil the eggs or empty them. Put some water at room temperature into a water cup and start adding the nail polish to it, color by color until you see somthing like in the picture. You can become very creative here with mixing shades and colors. Place the egg into the cup, wait 2 seconds and take it out. Take a sheet of paper, let the egg dry and repeat this process to each and every egg you want to color. If you want you can add small ribbons to them and gather them in a cute basket or if the eggs are empty, you can place them on an Easter eggs tree.