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DIY Owl Stone Painting

Today I bring you some examples of a stone can give more than a stone, especially if you have a little imagination and colorful paintings.

After seeing these examples, you can be encouraged and may want to enter painting. Here are some useful tips if you are going to paint stones:

  • Uses stones preferably of smooth texture.
  • Before starting, wash and dry the stones very well.
  • First draw with a pencil the shape you want
  • Use acrylic paint or tempera to paint the stones, you can also use permanent markers or special oil-based markers that are special for painting stone (or glass)
  • Uses brushes or markers of various sizes.
  • Apply a couple of layers of paint but let dry well between one and the other
  • Use a layer of clear varnish or some special glue used for decoupage type Mod Podge.

Hand Painted Stones (DIY)

Now let’s go with the examples and ideas that I have compiled to inspire you.


You can also paint the stone as a little animal, look at the stone that maybe it will tell you what it wants to be, a little bird, an owl, a ladybug, little fish …

Painted Rocks via Duitang

via: pinterest

If you are not good at drawing you can make geometric shapes and use colorful colors or gold and silver to give them a touch of glamor.

You can decorate them with natural elements like leaves, flowers, etc. Look how beautiful these are.