DIY Plywood Cat Castle


Because cats are playful and curious, they love to hide in place. If you have a cat you should be thinking about ways how to keep it entertaining all the time. Weather you change your place for cat or add some cute games, it will be a good idea to think of DIY project. Have a look at this amazing cat castles,  your cat will feel like a royalty. The castle is made from textile and When you have a sample it will be easy to make it. Basically you can create castle as you wish but the important thing is it must have lots of small entrances. You can makesome shelves inside the castle, so your cat can jump and enjoy a nice view. Your cat will feel its own cozy place for playing and sleping with fleecy material. If you think this is a great idea, you can start to build a cool castle for your cat. To build a castle same as this you need plywood and carpet..

DIY Plywood Cat Castle 1Oriented strand board.

DIY Plywood Cat Castle 2 DIY Plywood Cat Castle 3 DIY Plywood Cat Castle 4 DIY Plywood Cat Castle 5 DIY Plywood Cat Castle 6