Do Garden Decorating Ideas Yourself


The most widely used area of construction projects is garden decoration. You can use all the waste materials from old tables to jars, plastic bottles to old glasses garden decoration ideas, you and your children develop creativity. With the projects that you can prepare for your family, you can spend more fun, and more productive time with your family. We have prepared great ideas for you to prepare economical and useful garden accessories.


Old Tables Are New Barbecue Sets!


The best garden decorations are the ones that are useful in making ideas yourself. Wooden tables used as vegetables in the kitchen over time become obsolete and unusable. You can use these tables and similar tables in the garden under the barbecue. These tables can be easily moved because they are wheelchairs, while also protecting children who play around from dangers. Also, since it is at the same height as the dining table, it makes it easier for the person to cook and serve.


Make Roads, and Fields From Round Stones


This is already a decorating method used in all gardens. However, you can completely rearrange it according to your style. So instead of classical stones, you can make a more cool decoration by assembling sea shells or flat stones, but the shapes are crooked.


The Easiest Garden Decoration Method, Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles that come into our houses through many drinks and fill almost all the garbage are becoming a part of our lives. These materials, which we can use as accessories all over the House, are tailor-made for garden decoration. You can also use these bottles as transparent directly by painting them, gluing the paper on them and decorating them in various ways. Cut in squares or rectangles from the middle of the bottles. Remove this section and place the soil in it. Plant a flower that will not grow too large or heavy in the soil. That’s it.