Amazing Dream Tiny House Integrated With Greenhouse

The latest trend in the construction business is to build tiny houses. People turn into their small spaces into more functional tiny houses. Companies are designing the small spaces and innovating them in such a way that you can find everything in a regular size house. When we just get used to the tiny house concept, Olive Nest Tiny Homes has built a different kind of tiny house nicknamed The Elsa. The Elsa has different features than other tiny houses and in some ways, it is even like a new kind of house type.  It consists of two trailers.

When you look at it, it seems like a renovated house from a truck because of the wheels but it is not mobile. It has two trailers and one of them has a greenhouse attached to it. The usage of trailers and greenhouse is a new thing at tiny house concept and it looks like it will be popular among tiny house lovers.  Its interior is 323 square feet and it is unbelievable to see that this 323 square feet inside has a full sized living room, kitchen bathroom, dining counter and sleeping aloft. It also has a mini split unit for heating and cooling. Both the inside and the outside have been designed in such a function that you can find everything in it. The greenhouse is also giving a special feature that you can find in a regular tiny house. By Olive Nest Tiny Homes

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