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Erwin Wurm Will Exhibit His Sculptures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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ave you ever heard of Erwin Wurm? He is an Austrian artist with more than 30 years of sculpting experience. The artist studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It is surprising that he is the son of a detectorist who did not approve of art or artists. But Erwin did not give up and created perfect and meaningful sculptures. In fact, he will present his collection, “Trap of the Truth,” in the UK at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on June 10th, 2023. So, remember to save this date on your calendar!


Pullover by Erwin Wurm

Pullover / Erwin Wurm


Themes and Philosophy of Erwin Wurm

Wurm has certain points in art. For example, in his artwork, The Artist Who Swallowed the World, Wurm stated that he is interested in objects, clothes, items, etc. in everyday life. The artist indicated that his works are about being human with all the spiritual, physical, political, or psychological sides.


Knitted Wall

Knitted Wall / Erwin Wurm


Second of all, Erwin Wurm is popular with his humorous approach. If you check his works, you will find humor, which is wisely used by the artist. According to the artist, you do not have to be deadly sarcastic or serious. You need to find a balance between the two.



Declining / Erwin Wurm


As we expect every artist to criticize society positively or negatively, Wurm makes criticisms of Western society with his works. Although many people find his works ridiculous or meaningless, he tries to say something very serious. The themes of his works include everyday life objects and our relationship with them, today’s body image, philosophy, and postwar Austria.


18 Pullovers

18 Pullovers / Erwin Wurm

Exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

At Yorkshire Sculpture Park, nineteen different sculptures will be there. We will see several artworks by Wurm as well. Some of his sculptures are “Bags”, “Big Step”, “Dance”, and “Trip”.


The Serious Life of a Ridiculous Man

The Serious Life of a Ridiculous Man / Erwin Wurm

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