Embark on a unique journey through Ethan Stebbins' poetic craftsmanship, woven in stone and wood.

Ethan Stebbins is Master of Stone and Wood Craftsmanship  


Ethan Stebbins, a poetic soul and skilled stonemason from Maine, has a remarkable journey that combines literature and craftsmanship. With a Master’s in English and American Literature from NYU, he earned acclaim for his poetry in prestigious publications. Yet, beyond the realm of words, there lies another fact about Ethan’s artistry: the world of stone and wood.



Ethan Stebbins’ journey began in 1997, when he discovered his passion for stonemasonry. He enhanced his skills through apprenticeships under the tutelage of masters Masahiko Seko and Chris Tanguay, refining his stonework techniques. Masahiko Seko is a master gardener, and Chris Tanguay is an American master craftsman. They contributed a lot to Ethan Stebbins’ art.


Ethan Stebbins working on his art


Ethan Stebbins’ artworks are an ode to the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, celebrating the profound beauty found within imperfections. With stone and wood as his canvas, he crafts pieces that are a testament to simplicity and authenticity. Each material he touches reveals its unique character, and Ethan masterfully accentuates these natural qualities in his work. Ethan Stebbins’ creations embody the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. And they also exemplify the beauty and functionality that can be achieved through the union of natural elements.


ceramicc cups


For example, the Wabi Sabi daybed is a prime example of Stebbins’ craftsmanship, handcrafted using time-honored Japanese techniques of interlocking joinery. Crafted from American ash and pine wood, it harmoniously combines with northern coast stone, creating a unique piece of furniture.


a waste basket


contemporary art chair


Exceptional mastery and a deep reverence for materials define his work. His minimalistic approach reveals the endless potential within simplicity, resulting in refined works of art. Ethan Stebbins’ work is a captivating fusion of art, artistry, and nature’s beauty. His creations stand as a testament to the timeless charm of simplicity and the connection between man, materials, and nature.


side table


modern art by Ethan Stebbins


metal bench