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F Ressidence Modern Villa

Situated right off the water in Rhodes, the Greek island located in the eastern Aegean Sea, the Villa F would start the envy of any Bond villain, because any James Bond fan knows for a fact that the Bond villains have an upper hand gadgetry than Bond himself. Villa F’s design was meant to be one full of luxury, but fitted to a vacation home. The thought in this way was of the designers in Hornung & Jacobi architecture firm. The residence is ultra modern and marks one of the top most mind-boggling architectural concepts while still being practical. The leading level is hosting the living space of the villa, a living level that opens up to a lap pool which is being protected by the overhang of the second level. On the second level you can find the bedrooms and a bathroom. The home has also the advantage that is always at a suited coolish temperature thanks to the exquisite design of the structure that does not neglect the flooding of the natural light in the living space. Plus, if you desire to share your vacation with friends, you can always put to their disposal the guest house that can be accesed from the terrace on the ground floor.