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Fun Press Storage System

Many of the interior designers love taking time to relax and “go crazy” on any thought they have in mind, just letting their imagination wonder around. This is how sometimes you see a furniture piece design and you stop thinking: “Ok, what does this do?”. This question is actually the signal that indicates you are about to watch or buy the piece of art that a real talented designer made. Today we want to bring to your attention this Pins Pannel designed by OOO My Design. This is a sharp storage system that consists of these sliding rods. Ok, so until now all we have is this pannel with sliding rods, but how does it work? Simple! You need to take the idem you need to store, and push it onto the pin press. This is the step that will move the pins and will create the exact needed space for that item. It’s fun, it looks fun and your kids will love it for storing theyr toys.