Two gigantic hands hold the Golden Bridge in Vietnam

Giant Hands Hold The Golden Bridge in Vietnam


A well-trained Golden Bridge, developed by two Ringer hands, developed by TA Landscape Architecture, is celebrated on Da Nang and Central Vietnam.

The so-called Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hill areas Da Nang seems to build two hands built glass fiber and wires in the town hall.

The Golden Bridge, the pedestrian bridge is part of a modernized track between two cable cars in the area of the Biergop.

Viet Anh, developed by Ho Chi Minh City, TA landscape architect, develops the exhibition of “the world of God, giants, and livings”.

The teeth are made with knights when the wall marks the stone.

“The remarkable statement of two main missions is looking at scenes after their bridge and they are a gift from nature,” said Praxis.

The 150 meters long, five meters wide, the pedestrian bridge is pedophilia and craftsmen. It has a cavity with stainless steel handmade Golden Colors.

“The bridge is measured as Educal gold galaxies by enormous papyrus from heaven and earth.”

According to TA Landscape Architecture, the client, the Sun Group, is not the first design but has convinced the practice.

“The client was very worried about these bridges and finally came,” said Viet Anh.

The year Swiss rope has developed the longest pedestrian bridge over a weak valley, and in 2016, the world’s largest and longest glass bridge is opened by a Canyon on China Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Two gigantic hands hold the Golden Bridge in Vietnam Two gigantic hands hold the Golden Bridge in Vietnam giant-hands-golden-bridge-vietnam-03