Google’s Smart Glasses; Glass Enterprise Edition 2


Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, google’s smart goggles for corporate customers, has been officially announced. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which provides a great benefit for users sectorally, is priced at $999.


Google continues its work on wearable technological products without slowing down. Google, which has officially announced the second version of Google Glass Enterprise, which has come up in recent years, is facing a much stronger smart glasses this time. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which is built for corporate companies, just like the first version, can be purchased as of today.

Based on the specifications of the product, Google has integrated the Snapdragon XR1 platform into its smart glasses, this time with a new AI engine. In this way, Google aims to take a few steps forward with augmented reality. Thanks to its multi-core structure, the XR1 delivers much better performance and comes with a better quality camera.

There is no direct address to purchase Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. To purchase this device, you need to contact Google’s sales team and order specifically. This is because smart glasses can be designed in accordance with the environment in which they will be used. More specifically, if a hospital is where to use these glasses, you have a normal frame, but if it is to be used in the factory, a new frame is designed in accordance with the environment. Enterprise customers who want to buy the product must pay Google $999 for Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.