Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023

Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023


Kitchens are for sure for a living. Especially these days, people tend to decorate their kitchen like a living room. Because many people believe that the kitchen is not only a cooking place but also the heart of communication, sharing experience, and so on. Therefore, decorating the kitchen has a great impact on people. As the new year came, house owners look for kitchen trends for 2023. As every season trends change and new ideas emerge, people would like to decorate their kitchens according to new trends.


Although you may not want to completely change your kitchen, you can follow creative ways to refresh your kitchen. We prepared some kitchen trends for 2023 that interior designers shared. In order to keep your kitchen up-to-date, you can follow the steps below.


Darker Hues

Interior designers say that 2023 kitchen trends consist of darker hues, especially in white kitchens. Last year, people tended to paint the kitchen white, and their kitchen furniture was also white. This year, this trend will dissolve. We will start to see darker shades in the kitchens.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



New Trends in Stoves

Day by day, people start to desire a seamless look in their houses. This desire has extended to the kitchens as well. In 2023, kitchen trends show us that we will see backless stoves more. Backless stoves display the kitchen more modern and fresher. In addition, we would like to add that stone slab backsplashes will be common as well.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Open Concept Kitchens

Open concept kitchen refers that the kitchen and mainly dining or living room together. There are no walls that separate these rooms. This concept is known as the great room. Before Covid 19 pandemic, the open-concept kitchen design was popular. But after covid, people separated their kitchens from the living room in order to keep social distance and avoid infection. This year brought our old habits back. It is time to re-open our kitchens.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Saturated Colors

Neutral tones are still in kitchen trends. However, in 2023 designers think to add more saturated colors in kitchens. Saturated colors make people feel more emotional with rust, reddish brown, amethyst, deep forest green, etc.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023

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Removed Cabinets

For years, we got used to using cabinets for our appliances. According to the interior designers 2023 kitchen trends will bring freedom to our appliances. This year you may want to exhibit your coffee machine, food processor, and toaster on your countertops.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Goodbye Granite

Finally classic, old-fashioned granites will start vanishing from our kitchens. 2023 kitchen trends show us that instead of granites, quartzite and porcelain will commonly be used. Because quartzite and porcelain look more subtle and have gorgeous strands of color.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Smart Technology

As we are in the digital age and we maintain our lives with smart devices, our kitchens also deserve smart devices. The trend for kitchens in 2023 shows us that smart appliances which can connect to wifi or your smartphone will be popular. Smart kitchens will help to save time and energy.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Sustainable Materials

The whole world is concerned about sustainability. Everyone tries to use natural, recyclable, eco-friendly products. This trend will show itself in kitchen designs as well. You will see more products labeled “recycled 5 times”.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023



Colorful Backsplashes

In the last years, kitchens were all in neutral colors. Yes, we know that neutral colors are never out-date. But this year brings colorful backsplashes. So, we wish you enjoy your time in your kitchen with colorful designs.


Gorgeous Kitchen Trends for 2023

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