Homemade Mosquito Trap


It’s that season in which mosquitoes think they are some very important beings on earth and start bugging and nagging, constantly destroying every afternoon, or deprives us of that perfect night sleep we need so badly. The products that are available on the market, are all with chemical composition and quite expensive and in the end not so effective. Today we will show you how to make at home an old-fashioned mosquito trap that has been proven to be very efficient. You will need: water – 200 ml; brown sugar – 50 gr; yeast – 1gr; 2-liter plastic bottle.
Directions: Take the plastic bottle and cut it in half. Mix the hot water with the brown sugar and let the composition cool. When it is cold, pour it in the bottom half of the cut out bottle. Put the yeast in the water and place the funnel part upside down into the bottom half tapping them together. Now wrap or paint the bottle in black, leaving the top uncovered. Your trap is ready for use, you only need to place it outside in an area that is not so circulated. Mosquitoes are drawn by black and the yeast in combination with water and sugar creates carbon dioxide that also attracts mosquitoes. Every two weeks the solution needs to be changed for an effective result.


Source: awesomenature1.