Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive


We are talking about a great project that took 10 long years for the final product. We are talking about the Cedar Anderson’s project here. He has been raising honeybees for decades with his father Stuart and he has been looking for an easy and revolutionary idea that will make it easy to collect honey from the bees. Flow has, that’s the name of their honey on tap project that took more than 10 years of planning, efforts, and testing. What is the main component of this project? They used a bee brood box as the main component. An extraction unit and storage complete the whole structure of this brilliant invention.

What sets their design apart from the regular beehive design? Well, they used Flow frames in place of honeycomb frames. If you are curious to know more about the project, then you should watch the very informative video covering every aspect in detail of their wonderful project. What is the biggest advantage of using this innovative design? Well, it reduces manual labor to a great extent. Also, it’s less fussy and messy compared to the regular beehive. You don’t need to worry about heavy lifting at all when it comes to this design. You might assume that this design needs expensive processing equipment. No, you are wrong there. You don’t need to open up the hive to see whether the honey is ready or not. The end frame view is very clear and you can know in advance when honey is going to be ready. Most importantly, the extraction process is so gentle that bees won’t notice at all. Source: honeyflow.com