House Paint Colors 2019


We all want to see nice views when we enter our homes and colors are big portion of the view we will be sighting every day. Those who follow trends would be asking for what are the colors of 2019, and what should I use to paint my walls?

White-Gray Tones

This year’s tendency is towards white-gray tones. It does not only make your home seem elegant but also make you feel refresh. You can think these tones for your kitchen for instance.  After having your kitchen cabinets with cloud white, carpet with the color called as head over heels then, you can use decorators’ white to paint the walls of your kitchen.

Green-Brown tones

Another fashion of 2019 is green-brown tones. These colors would be compatible with large living rooms.  Imagine you have a brown sofa set. The curtains are some dark green and you have a lighter brown middle coffee table. On the corner of your living room, there is a very green tree. Now, do not you think that light brown will be just compatible for the walls of your living room?

Paint Colors for Outside of the House

After having done inside of your house, you would be asking what I should use for outside. There are many choices but as 2019 colors, you can think about black pepper gray and beau green. Oceanside blue and majestic purple are other options of 2019. You can choose which color your heart loves!

Your Favorite Colors are Your Home Colors

Your favorite colors always stay as the best trend. Sometimes, you can just give up following fashion and compose your own combinations with your favorite colors. Maybe, your choices of colors will be such great that after sharing on social media, you will see your favorite colors are house paint colors of 2020!

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