How to Make Tardis Murphy Bed – DIY


Are you a big fan of the iconic TV show doctor who? Do you remember the setting of the show and how everything had its own quirk? The furniture displayed in the series was loved by everybody and almost every fan wanted to own one element from the show. So what if you could not buy it you could always get inspired by it and create DIY doctor who furniture. If you have a good hand at carpentry then it won’t be very difficult. You could also take help from your roommates or best friend, who happens to be fans of the very same TV show.

You could get ideas from the internet and learn new methods of carving out wood and other material to create your own Dr. Who furniture. Besides, you need not create the exact same thing, but customize it as per your need and the area where it will be set up. Try and make pieces which can have multiple uses, so that you can brag about it later. Creating your own furniture, will give you a sense of achievement. You could also show it off to your friends and family, who would definitely be impressed with the creation of your DIY Tardis Murphy bed.









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