I Study Desks


Many people spent long hours on their study desks. If you are a student or if you have a desk work then, it is significant how you decorate and design your study desk. In this article, you will find some tips to increase your performance by just being more careful about your desks.


The first point is simplifying your work environment, especially your desk. If you have so many kinds of stuff on your desk, then, your attention would be distracted. The documents, books or ornaments that are not needed at the moment are useful for nothing but distraction; therefore, there is no need to have them on your desk. Just place them on shelves or drivers near your desk and have your desk only with what you need for your current work.

Essentials for Study Desks

There are some common essentials for study desks: Pencil case, laptop (or desktop computer), notebook and desk lamb. Some people who work only with their computers can even exclude pencil case and notebook whereas some others who do not prefer working at night exclude desk lamb. Laptops can be excluded too for those (if there is any) who do not need it. Some people may need different compulsory kinds of stuff such as a photo for inspiration or motivation.  After your essentials, you can use the empty, large area for your current work needs.


Places for the essentials may stay constant. For I desks, you may put your pencil right behind if you use your right hand, left behind otherwise. Desk lamb can stay sideways and you can place your laptop and notebook in front. You can use empty areas for your other necessary items.

Study Desk Features

The color of your study desk is best if it is a light color, avoid the dark ones to feel more refresh. Drawers and shelves would be very useful for a tidy, organized desk; therefore, be careful when you are buying a desk. The more chamber you have, the more organized you are, the better the performance you have.