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Ideal Low-Budget House

Here we have a small wooden house, ideal for students, that comes fully furnished and can be located anywhere. Moreover, if you think about moving out from the city you can even take it with you. This is what sounds like an offer made by a company in England that builds small houses of wood, large enough for what is strictly needed, that can be installed by anyone with enough skill and a screwdriver. The house was available for purchasing, ready mounted, at a price of 12,000 euros. All the buyers had to do was to wait for it to be delivered by air with the help of a helicopter.
According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the founder of the company wanted to build himself one little house that costs about 8,000 euros. The room turned out to be quite comfortable for one person, while the attic is equipped with a bed. A sofa can be found downstairs, also a sink and a table on which is placed a TV.






source: dailymail.co.uk.

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