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In the Memory of Utoya Mass Shooting: Norway Landscape Wound

The whole planet remembers the month of July, 2011, when Norway was in national mourning. One of the most cruel events happened in Oslo and on the Island of Utoya where people, young teenagers and adolescents lost their lives and gave their last breath in order to move to the other side. Director of KORO/Public Art Norway Svein Bjørkås decided to build three memorial sites for the event that happened in 2011. Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg, presented a proposal to cut a gap into the Sørbråten peninsula, which faces Utoya. The names of the victims will be written on the wall and the visitors here will be able to see the stone wall by being guided down a pathway through a tunnel that will lead to the “wound”. The cut will be excavated and it will be transported to Oslo, where the second memorial will be. All three installations are scheduled to be fully completed in 2015, by the end of July.