Incredible Furniture Pieces by Aqua Creations


This beautiful furniture collection named Anana was created by Aqua Creations, a lightning and furniture atelier. The designers wanted to offer something special for a market that is continuously interested in innovative things. They made a perfect blend between beauty and functionality which is transposed in the sofas, benches and chairs you can see. The Anana collection is handmade from fabric covered pods that form 3D surfaces. Even if they show a contemporary design, the furniture pieces don’t compromise when it comes to comfort and relaxation. Embracing modern interior design in a grandiose way, the furniture pieces bring a fresh breath of air to every home. When looking at this collection, some people might think of caterpillars and snails because of the unusual shapes of the sofas and benches but we think that this only adds a more interesting touch to the whole Anana collection.