Ingenious Couple Wrapped Their House in a Giant Greenhouse to Keep It Warm


The bitter cold has left your heating bills to reach sky high. You have no option but to either shiver in cold or spend half of your salary on heating your room. Both ways, you are left with nail biting anger. But the couple here in Stockholm thought otherwise. They have devised a plan so as that to save themselves from the frost and also in a cost effective manner which will help their great grandchildren not to face the same perilous situation.

The owners Charles Sacilotto and Marie Granmar have built this elegant bungalow in Stockholm. This protects them from the freezing temperature in extreme winters. The temperature is around -2°C down the stairs and about 10-15°C in the top floors. This dwelling has everyone talking about it due to the warm and cozy environment to live.  This house is based on the greenhouse due to which a large amount of energy is conserved due to the house. Actually, they drew inspiration from other greenhouses built in Stockholm. The heating bills are deep low and the couple can happily play with their children during extreme conditions. Isn’t that cool (hot) enough to build one for own?

Giant Greenhouse 1 Giant Greenhouse 2 Giant Greenhouse 3 Giant Greenhouse 4 Giant Greenhouse 5 Giant Greenhouse 6 Giant Greenhouse 7 Giant Greenhouse 8