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Innovative Waterfront Hideaway: Promenade Residence

A 2 storey luxury residence designed for a family of four, this house is amazing and inspiring for all of those who dream of a modern opulent retreat. Its structured and grounded design it’s balanced by the delicate screen and soft landscaping. During the night the house becomes a glowing lantern and its view is even more spectacular due to its location near the water. Sliding windows open up to a generous internal courtyard which looks through the main living area. Also the living area is connected to the dining space which gives the sensation of breeziness. The kitchen space is well-appointed too, keeping its luxurious and elegant style. To make a truly grand entrance, guests follow a bridge to the front door. The architects of this glamorous retreat from Queensland, Australia, through this project succeed to clearly express a labor of love. To sum it up, this home away from home it’s simply a unique space for easy and carefree entertaining.by BGD Architects