Kos Geo 180 Bath-Tub With Rain Shower


The Italian firm offers its model Kos Geo 180 that has been designeed to enjoy the both outdoors and indoors bath version.
The Geo Kos 180 has 1.80 m. in diameter, has a soft shower rain as central regulator range and the possibility of incorporating a tap flush to the floor of minimalist design in stainless steel. As you can see from the picture, the tub invites you to enjoy the water and added to the usual relaxation, the possibility of using the light and fresh air while alivianamos distendemos our body and our mind.
Roberto Palomba designer himself has confessed that it is their favorite piece and noted that the 180 Geo Kos “evokes primitive and ancestral feelings with you in the daily ritual of the bath with a feeling of joy and pleasure to take you to reach a deep balance. “Obviously it takes one few euros and a nice garden to install a tub like this but take home a sake spa should be worth. Follow us on +IcreativeD 
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