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Large Hall Decoration

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While it is easy for some to design salon decorations in harmony, which is indispensable for women, it is difficult for others. Even women who trust their tastes can freeze on decoration. Among the trends of 2017-2018, wooden chandeliers in the color of milk coffee have been replaced by mirrored tables in the halls. The velvety is bright and soft, and it is a symbol of the show and its warm appearance is dazzled by its brightness. Especially velvet curtains are important in the decoration of the hall where we welcome our guests, which is the most important place of our house. All family members spend the most time together in the Hall of our house will add a stylish and elegant and separate temperature.


Accessory Selection


Choosing the original handmade with hand-made eye light is one of the most important decorating subtleties. Restoring old used items, such as glass painting, wooden painting and relief, will add value to our salon.


Where Should The Table Be Located?


In fact, the table is quite risky for the ladies who have children at home, the table in middle of our ideas of decorating the table, the children or babies can come up on the table or under the table, so we recommend to families with children in the new house, tables next to your seats, the lower part of the law enforcement



Where Should The TV Unit Be Positioned?


Since the TV unit is decorated directly opposite the seats, it cuts the light field and adapts to one-to-one, so that it comes behind the wall and remains behind the glass level. The distance between the seat and the TV screen is usually multiplied by the TV screen x 2 or 2.5 and the television distance should be adjusted accordingly.


For example, 55″ inch ( 139.7 cm ) x 2.5 = 349.25 cm distance.


This means that if you have a 55 ” TV, it is recommended that you have a distance of 3 to 5 meters from the TV.







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