Let’s See the World’s First Floating Ecolux Hotel Inspired by the James Bond Movie


This hotel, which comes out of the hands of a French designer and is called Anthenea, does not have a sea view; in the sea himself. Anthenea‘ was inspired by James Bond’s The Spy Who Loved Me, designed by French ship civil engineer Jean-Michel Duacancelle.

The ‘floating eco-capsules’ in the 1977 film inspired Jean-Michel Duacancelle, who designed this floating hotel room that was completely environmentally friendly. This vehicle, which looks like a UFO that landed on the water, was made of materials that were completely recyclable.

Featuring a circular body, the interior of this vehicle was designed by Pierre Cardin.

The floating hotel room can meet its own energy needs with its solar panels on top.

The hotel offers underwater rooms and 360-degree views! The bathtub inside the vehicle can be used with both fresh water and saltwater.

The vehicle includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The 360-degree view of the living area upstairs offers great views over the sea, while the windows on the vehicle’s platform allow you to experience underwater without diving.

Anthenea lets you enjoy the sea thanks to its slow reconnaissance mode!

Thanks to this mode, the vehicle was determined to withstand even severe tornadoes during the testing process and is designed not to sink in the event of a possible storm.

Anthenea, which brings its visitors together with the sea, was designed with the consideration of nature and human interaction.

Also, this area with solar panels turns into a great seating area when opened. A comfortable session can be provided for up to 12 people in this area.

Thanks to a special anchor system that Jean-Michel Duacancelle considers, the vehicle does not harm the creatures under the sea. It’s moving with a system that’s compatible with living things. The Hollywood Reporter says the designer watched James Bond’s film when he was 15, and years later such a contemporary design emerged. He’s fascinated us, to be honest. And in such a pandemic period, you can have a great isolation experience with this tool!

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