Lighting Fixtures that Look Like Helium Balloons


These beautiful and colorful lighting fixtures that look like balloons are part of the collection named Memory by Boris Klimek created for Czech manufacturer Brokis. If you enjoy playing and you are a nonconformist person, this collection will delight your eyes. As you can see in the photos, the fixtures come in different colors (nine different ones and in three different diameters) making all kinds of interesting color combinations come true. This way, we can say that the pendant lamps are very easy to integrate in almost every modern contemporary home. Among the materials used in manufacturing is triplex opal glass that has a glossy finish. If you want to turn the lights on or off, you just have to pull the cord of the balloons, nothing easier than that! These lighting fixtures might create an interesting look also to your office or if you own a business, they will surely capture your clients eyes!