Loving Dad Builds Incredible Fairy Tree Reading Nook in His Daughter’s Bedroom


“Every girl’s first love is his father.” The saying totally describes the love and affection you get from your father. His true care and emotions are way too big to describe. Fulfilling his daughter’s dreams is one of the basic priorities of his life. One such was Rob Adams. He is a video artist who spent about 350 hours to build the perfect dreamland for his daughter, Lia.
Lia is just like one of us who dreamt of a magical world where she would be the princess. Little did she know that her father would become the knight and come to her rescue? This 6 year old girl is hell one of the luckiest girls in the world. Rob built a magical tree like corner which not only serves as her bedroom, but a reading nook for her. He drew the inspiration from the Disney Characters to design this place and present her on her birthday. She was surprised to see such a cute gesture from her father. He had ensured the safety part of the room. He has all the necessary equipments to make it fire proof. He took help from the local artist to design the skeleton of the tree. Then he used stuffed cartoons to decorate it.

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