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Check Maeve Pet Protection System to Make Your Furry Friends Comfortable!


Just as we would go to great lengths to ensure the safety and well-being of our children, the same level of care extends to our pets. If you are in search of an innovative way to provide the best possible care for your pets, you will want to discover the groundbreaking Maeve Pet Protection System by Tavo. Designed by the same masterminds behind Nuna’s top-notch baby gear, this system is all about delivering the ultimate comfort and security for your pets.


We know Tavo for their exceptional baby gear under the Nuna brand. Tavo has applied their expertise to create the ultimate safety and comfort system for our pets. As you can guess, the Maeve Pet Protection System is the result of decades of research, development, and engineering. The system reflects Tavo’s commitment to ensuring your pets are happy, healthy, and secure.


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What are the advantages of Maeve Pet Protection System?

This system allows you to seamlessly transition your pet from your home to the car, and onwards to various destinations. The Maeve Pet Protection System includes a carrier with a vehicle base, similar in concept to a child’s car seat. If your journey involves strolling with your pet beyond the car, you can also consider the Roscoe stroller frame.


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When you pair the Maeve carrier with the Roscoe stroller frame, you are taking advantage of Tavo’s 3-in-1 Protection System. The company designed the system to provide safety and comfort for your pets while you travel. Safety is a top priority for Tavo. So, they adhere to the latest United Nations ECE child restraint standards, ensuring that your pets travel securely and without worries.


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Tavo understands that aesthetics and comfort matter just as much as safety. The Maeve carrier is available in a range of stylish colors. These colors include Onyx, Fawn, Merle, Sable, and Brindle. The strollers are accentuated with vegan leather details in classic colors such as black, cognac, and chocolate. This means you can choose the colors that not only suit your taste but also perfectly complement your pets.


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So, if you want to take your pet care to the next level, look no further than Tavo’s Maeve Pet Protection System. Your pets will thank you for the safety and comfort. And you’ll appreciate the peace of mind it brings to your pet-loving heart.


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