F1 Cars Re-engineered For Your Living Room!


F1 cars are regarded as the pinnacle of car engineering with their cutting edge technologies. The teams creating these cars do not do budget cuts when producing their cars. Always using the most suitable material no matter the cost. But as you may know, many parts of these cars wear out quickly as they always perform on the limit. So what happens to those worn out or outdated parts? Well, parts of those F1 cars are re-engineered and up for sale! Though as you may imagine they do not come cheap! Let’s take a look at some examples…

Decorations and Furniture Made From Cars

Brake discs tend to wear out quickly especially when used in races. So the French F1 team Alpine created a wall clock using one of their old brake pads. The brake pad which is in circular shape is a perfect choice to create a clock. You can purchase this piece of race engineering and put it in your living room and have a piece from a 15 million dollar race car! You can also find rims, wheels and rear wings re-engineered to work as tables. A different and expensive piece of furniture. Although it definitely is not for everyone. However, having a piece of such exclusive engineering of F1 cars is something everyone can admire.

Credit: F1 Authentics

How About a Whole F1 Car As Decoration?

You can also purchase a full-sized F1 car for display purposes! Although they are show cars created for display purposes. They do not come with an engine installed. But, all of the parts are genuine and they come with a set of real wheels. If you have an open space they could make for great design pieces. Their prices however are made available through inquiries. The idea of having full size F1 cars as decoration is a very cool concept. You can find show cars from different eras available for sale.

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