10 Marble Dining Table Model Ideas


As well as the delicious food you will do to your family and guests, it is also important how they are served. Although there are no large dining rooms like the old ones, you can solve this lack with a stylish dining table team.  To accomplish this you can choose a dining table and chairs according to your home state and your budget. The marble we are used to seeing in our kitchen and bathroom has started to be seen in the halls in recent years. Easy to cut and shape, mixing with single color or alloy and increasing the color options increased the preference for marble. The marble tables, which are among the indispensables of classical, industrial, country, and retro styles, are one of the natural materials that complement the appearance of the hall with its magnificence and aesthetics.

The marble, which is preferred by people who want to create a flamboyant dining table, completes the atmosphere without requiring any covering or covering. The marble table models, which are in perfect harmony with the natural materials, are also in harmony with the metal styles. Chrome, Brass Tumbled, Copper, Gold Plated are the other aesthetic side elements that add grandeur to the marble tables.  Metal-style marble table legs are commonly used as stainless steel chrome. Marble tables, unique for people who have been bored with wooden fabricated furniture for years, are unique, personalized. Marble tables will be the most spectacular item of your house with its glossy surfaces and veined structure. Marble, which is one of the rare products that will never go out of fashion for years, is a long-lasting, useful and luxurious product.

In addition, the marble table top and wooden legs are extremely stylish and fit together. While the solid wood tables at the beginning of our traditional selection list keep their first place on the list, we recommend that people who are looking for innovation and who give importance to the grandeur in their homes can also try the marble tables and also take a look at the different designs that will change the air of their homes.

How to clean and maintain your marble tables that add elegance to your spaces?

  • Clean your marble table gently. Using a soft cloth and soapy water, your marble table will not need special cleaning.
  • Be sure to use only cleaning products with a pH value of zero. Because products with acid may cause scratching or discoloration of the surface. Do not use your descaling agent, salt spirit, vinegar, abrasive, scribe, peeler cleaning products on your marble table.
  • In areas such as marble coffee tables and marble tables, be sure to use protective products such as cup coats and nails to prevent the staining of your marble.
  • Marble has a slightly porous structure and can absorb liquids in some way. If you try to clean your marble table as soon as something is spilled, it will prevent the stain from processing your marble.
  • If heavy dirt has occurred, you can use special stain removal solutions or diluted dishwashing detergent developed for marble surfaces.

In summary, you can easily clean your marble products with water-detergent and regular cleaning. Marble is the gift of nature to man.