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Modern Shed Portable House: The Dwelling on Wheels

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This Modern Shed design has taken their backyard shed concept and given it wheels by adapting the design to be their first-ever portable dwelling. At 220 square feet, The DW (Dwelling on Wheels) is a modern, self-contained structure. It’s spacious enough to make it a home, yet compact enough to take it on the road. The DW provides the ultimate flexibility, empowering you to curate your lifestyle wherever the journey takes you. Its innovative design transforms the traditional concept of a backyard shed into a versatile haven that encapsulates comfort, functionality, and the spirit of exploration.

The DW’s design is with a classic gable form and a wall of windows at one end. Therefore capturing the views and maximize natural light entering the interior.

A dark, low-maintenance exterior is outfitted with a solar array on the roof. And it is equipped with batteries and inside a wood stove is used for heating, allowing the DW to go off-grid. It also comes with two electric wall heaters as backup, if needed.

It looks so useful.

Tiny Yet Not Cramped Portable House

Despite its tiny footprint, Modern Shed designed the interior so it doesn’t feel cramped. Sight lines are open with a floor-to-ceiling window at the end of the hallway, opposite the end wall of windows.

At the front end, a deck extends out allowing space for a couple of chairs and a small table to enjoy the outdoors.

The efficient unit has slim, high-intensity insulation paneling in the walls. It can accommodate water tanks or a composting unit.

Modern Shed’s approximate is 4-10 months with a cost starting at $129,000. They’ll also work with you to customize the unit to your needs. Whether you want to use it as an office or a year-round home. Your dreams and preferences are at the heart of their design, ensuring a dwelling that truly feels like home.

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