Modular Triangle Shelving Unit


Nowadays, with all the crowded cities we live in, also the apartments get to be quite small and need more thinking about how to maximize all the space we have. Therefore, there are designers that think about this problem ahead of us, such a designer is Jae Won Cho, who has put a new spin on shelving systems with T. Shelf. Especially designed for modern nomadic culture, is this modular triangle shelving unit. To cut down on parts and labor requirements, T-shelf uses zip ties rather than screws to assemble the triangular-shaped pieces. Actually this was one of the main reasons of the designer, to get rid of the screws, meaning you also get rid of the tools in assembling the furniture. The zip ties that connect the individual pieces into one piece of solid furniture, is also creating the ability of a shape-shifting unit that you can form in five ways and pack flat for space saving, without compromising the quality of the design.