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Mood Rocking Bed

With a tranquility and comfort inspiring design, this is a project that perfectly suits both indoors and outdoors, signed by Joe Manus from Shiner International. Despite it’s appearances, this bed is adaptable to your needs because it can be used either for rocking relaxation moments, or with the help of rubber stoppers, as a steady unit, at what inclination you feel like, inside your house, preferably in a high ceiling bedroom. It also is adaptable to any type of interior design as long as the frame can be made out of carbon steel that can be brushed, blackened, even replaced with wood so that it can fit better to any house overall design. The clean, simple design of the bed allows it to be ordered in all sizes: Full, Queen, King and Twin. Of course the costs for each type will be different. To get an idea about prices, think about the fact that the Queen size model costs $ 2989. Enjoy!