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Moroccan Bookshelf Design

Younes Design decided to gather all the memories from childhood and the visits to his grandparents home that looks like a library and it was back in Morocco, and create a bookshelves series called Zelli inspired by these memories. The shelves have the structure and shape verry similar to the traditional zelliges.
The Zellige is terra-cotta tilework covered in enamel with the form of chips that are assembled into plaster. It is a main characteristic for the Moroccan architecture. Formed out of colorful geometrical ceramic mosaics it is used as ornament for ceilings, floors, tables, pools, fountains and walls.
Masters used zellige to decorate theirs homes so that they can prove the sophistication and luxury of the inhabitants. This expression of Islamic artists arose to create spatial decorations that avoid depictions of living things consequent with Islamic law teachings.
Back to our shelves, they take the structure and shape of these traditional zelliges but in a utilitarian and modern form. The unit is formed out of eight interlocking, identical components that need no additional hardware, this way beeing easy to assemble while the geometry of the shelf creates a sturdy and strong unit.